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Barbados Team for IGFA World Championship 2007

Filled with excitement, enthusiasm and a burning desire to totally wreck havoc upon the competition, the Barbados Team set out for the IGFA World Championship 2007.
Look what I won!
Look what I won!
On the way.
Where's the nice lady with the drinks?
I'm just soooo happy!
A motley crew.
Sunrise in Cabo
Time to Start Fishing!
Oh, look, we found the bar!
Discussing the day's adventure
Why is Happy Hunter touching me?
Mansize Margarita!
Anyone else thirsty?
The chicks dig this!
Is it warm or cold in here?
I promise to keep my clothes on!
Let me explain somthing to you....
This is how you DO IT!!!
Tequila...a wonderful thing!
Oh, yeah, fishing. That's why we're here!

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