Fish Species: White Marlin

Records are meant to be broken they say. Well if you're looking for existing BGFA tournament records so you can be the one to annihilate them then here they are. Hope to see you next tournament!

White Marlin are large, elongated fish with a large upper jaw that forms a spear which is round in cross-section. They are dark blue to chocolate-brown in color. Although generally considered to be a rare and solitary species relative to other similar fish, white marlin occur in small groups consisting of several individuals.

Average size is 45 to 65 lbs (20–30 kg) roughly the size of an Indo-Pacific sailfish, with females reaching relatively larger sizes. The White Marlin's preferred habitat is deep blue water over 100m (330 feet), however the species usually migrates to high latitudes in the warm season.

The current BGFA tournament record for this catch currently stands at a whopping 88.1 lbs.

88.10 lbs
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